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Bulk Items


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Bulk Waste is large items of refuse including, but not limited to, furniture, carpet, mattresses, and appliances normally generated at a residential property.

This does not include construction material or items, hazardous items or material, or items that pose a significant safety risk to the collection team or community.

For the purpose of reasonable collection, some items which are too bulky may need to be broken up and securely tied in bundles not to exceed 50 pounds in weight or three (3) feet in length and placed next to the containers at the curb or street line.

Each residential property shall be entitled to place one item of bulk waste at the curb or street line each week. Sets of items comprised of multiple individual pieces may need to be removed over several pick ups such as a “patio set.”


Common Non-Standard Bulk

Further Review for Flatbed Friday

  • Basketball Equipment
  • Picnic tables/Benches
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Kerosene Heater
  • Generator
  • Porch Swing
  • Attic Steps
  • Trampoline (properly broken down)
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Tanning Bed

Items We Can’t Take

  • Hazardous Items
  • Piano
  • Swing Set
  • Boat
  • Safe
  • Furnace Tank
  • Pool Tables
  • Large Satellite Dish
  • Large Pool Cover
  • Vehicles (cars, motorcycle, large riding mowers, etc.)
  • Glass (mirrors, windows, sliding glass door, glass top patio tables, aquariums)
  • Construction & Demo Material (concrete, marble, sandbags, bricks, asphalt, etc.)
  • Large Renovation items (garage doors, cast iron tubs, shower surrounds, furnaces, etc.