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How Do I...?

Bulk Items

One bulk item will be picked up the same day as household refuse and recycling.

Bulk items can include the following:

  • Furniture
  • One mattress and one box spring (The set = one bulk item.)
  • Appliances (without Freon)
  • One tire (No rim)
  • Carpet/padding cut to three foot widths, rolled, and tied or taped.
    • 10 rolls = 1 bulk item.
  • Windows, mirrors, glass panels (Tape in a "X" pattern to prevent breakage.)

Proper Mattress and Box Spring Disposal:

Mattresses and box springs are collected as a bulk item as part of our contract with J. P. Mascaro, but these items must be sealed in plastic prior to disposal.  One mattress plus one box spring will count as one bulk item.  

The following link details proper mattress and box spring disposal methods:

Bulk Items containing Freon (CFC's):

Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers contain Freon, which is a hazardous material. You must call J. P. Mascaro & Sons (800-432-1616) to schedule a pick up date. There is no additional fee for this service.

Home Construction or Demolition Debris

J. P Mascaro will not collect concrete, roofing, and other home remodeling debris.