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Is a "Use and Occupancy Certificate" required for a residential resale?

No. The Township does not conduct an inspection or require a certificate for the resale of residential property.

Is a business license required from the Zoning Department?

No. The Zoning Department has no involvement with business licensing. Please contact the tax collector and/or your accountant for applicable requirements based on your particular circumstances.

Are permits required for "replacement" items, such as, sheds, fences, etc.?

Yes. We periodically encounter residents who "replace" items on their property and think that a permit is not required. Please be aware that zoning and building requirements change over time. In addition, it is possible that original items (i.e. sheds, fences, etc.) did not receive approval when they were initially constructed and do not meet requirements. As a result, permits are required for replacements.

What are the requirements to construct a shed on my property?

Generally, a shed that is 240 square feet and less can be constructed behind the rear of the house at a setback of 7 feet from the property line. The maximum height is 12 feet.

Sheds that exceed these requirements must be located within the building envelope for your particular zoning district. Please call us for details.

What are the requirements to construct a fence on my property?

Generally, a fence can be constructed in the side and rear of the property, not in the front yard. The maximum fence height is six (6) feet. Fences cannot be constructed in easements. Corner lots and pool fences have special requirements. Please call us for details.

Can I run a business from my home?

Maybe. Home-based businesses have many requirements. As a result, given the unique nature of each business, please contact our department to discuss your particular circumstances.

Who can I contact regarding the Zoning Hearing Board or Planning Commission?

Feel free to contact Mike Solomon, Director of Planning and Zoning, at 215-357-6800 x214.

Can anyone occupy a nonresidential space in the Township without approval?

No. A Certificate of Use and Occupancy is required.

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