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Burning Ordinance

Northampton Township code prohibits the burning of brush, leaves, yard waste, trash, and other materials. Specific regulations for the operation of fire pits for the recreational enjoyment of your home are noted below. Please note that operation of fire pits in town-home communities is prohibited due to the inability to maintain required clearances  to safely operate these units.

Backyard Fire Pits

The Township's ordinance allows for outdoor burning in conjunction with normal heating or cooking requirements in a single family home.  Be cautious, though: These units should only be used in accordance with common sense and the item's manufacturer's instructions.

Please note that backyard fire pits discharge smoke at ground level.  Be considerate of your neighbors as they are commonly used during the summers months when your neighbors may be outside or have their windows open.  Also, backyard fire pits must be constantly supervised so that residents will not unnecessarily call the fire department.

*Any backyard fire deemed to be a nuisance will be extinguished.

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