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Snow & Mailbox Damage Policy


The winter months bring unwanted snow and ice that impact the Township. The following tips are provided to help residents during these difficult times:

Plowing Issues:

If you have any issues with the plowing service, please call (215) 357-6800. If you are unable to get a person on the phone, please click here and email the department. We will try and get back to you in a timely manner.


Northampton Township Public Works Crews pay close attention to avoid mailboxes in the right-of-way. Mailboxes are rarely hit by plows, however a mailbox with a weakened support may be toppled by the snow rolling off the end of the snowplow which is not an approvable claim.

Under Northampton Township’s Mailbox Replacement Policy it limits repairs by the Township where a snowplow comes into direct contact with a mailbox or post, and specifically states that the Township is not responsible for damage cause by plowed snow.

The Public Works Department is asking homeowners to inspect and evaluate the condition of their mailbox and its support prior to the onset of winter weather. The mailboxes and the posts that support them may require maintenance or replacement. Residents should make sure mailboxes are firmly attached to the post and the post is constructed sturdily enough to withstand the weight of the snow as it comes off the end of the snowplow. Homeowners should also check the placement of their mailbox to ensure that it is not leaning into the street.

Residents are also reminded that they are responsible for clearing their mailbox area of snow to ensure mail delivery.

What To Do If Your Mailbox Is Damaged

In the event that your mailbox is damaged during snow removal operations you should do the following:

  • Take photos of the damaged mailbox
  • Complete the Mailbox Damage Form. This can be submitted online, fax to 215-357-1251, or drop it off to the Administration Building.
  • Under the mailbox replacement policy the maximum reimbursement for repairs is $60.00. The policy also states the Township will not be responsible to replace ornamental mailboxes, or to repair any lawn areas outside the road right-of-way.

Participation and Responsibility of Residents:

  • Downed branches and trees that are blocking roads will be cleared to the side of the road by Public Works. Those on private property are the responsibility of the resident.
  • In the event of a significant snow storm, all on-street parking in the Township is prohibited. This restriction is in effect for a period of 72 hours after the storm.
  • Do not park in your driveway with your vehicle overhanging the curb.
  • When snow is plowed from the streets onto the ends of driveways, it is the responsibility of the residents to remove that snow from their driveways.
  • When snow is plowed from the streets into the areas around mailboxes, it is the responsibility of the residents to remove that snow, thereby allowing the U. S. Postal Service access.
  • If you believe that your street was missed during a snow clearing effort, call the department.
  • If your mailbox is damaged from plowing, call the department.

Snowstorm and Shoveling Recommendations:

  • Shovel snow to the right of your driveway. Piled snow to the left of your driveway will cause that snow to be plowed back into your driveway area.
  • Move your vehicles out of the street and into private driveways (this also reduces the amount of snow you have to shovel).
  • During any snow emergency, remove your vehicle from the road.
  • Wait to shovel your driveway until the plows have completed their final pass along the curb line or edge of pavement. A pass or two through the neighborhood does not mean the township is finished with the snow removal process and your effort to clear driveway entrance might be wasted.
  • Clear your sidewalk by shoveling and salting within 24 hours of the last evidence of precipitation.
  • Do not throw snow from any sidewalk or driveway into the roadway; it is illegal and you can be cited.
  • Keep all receptacles (trash and recycling) on the sidewalk, not in the street.
  • If you have an inlet in front of your property, please assist the Township in keeping it clear of snow and ice. This will prevent ice from accumulating and reduce drainage issues when the snow begins to melt.

Snow & Ice Removal for State Roads:

Under an agreement with PennDOT, the Township maintains certain state highways during a snow event. PennDOT, in return allocates money to the Township for snowplowing and ice removal. The only roads that are included in this agreement are:

  • Almshouse Road
  • Bustleton Pike
  • Holland Road
  • Jacksonville Road
  • Newtown-Richboro Road
  • Second Street Pike

All other state highways are maintained by PennDOT. These include:

  • Bridgetown Pike
  • Bristol Road
  • Buck Road
  • Chinquapin Road
  • Churchville Lane
  • Old Bristol Road
  • Worthington Mill Road

Private Streets and Undedicated Roads:

Snow removal from private streets is not the responsibility of the Township. It is up to the Homeowners Association or other responsible entity to arrange for snow removal. In the case of undedicated roads, the Township does have the responsibility for providing minimal clearance that guarantees emergency access. In most cases, however, developer agreements provide for Township clearance of such streets whereby the developer is billed for snow removal.

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