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Snow & Mailbox Damage Policy


Northampton Township Public Works Crews pay close attention to avoid mailboxes in the right-of-way. Mailboxes are rarely hit by plows, however, a mailbox with a weakened support may be toppled by the snow rolling off the end of the snowplow which is not an approvable claim.

Under Northampton Township’s Mailbox Replacement Policy, it limits the responsibility of the Township where a snowplow comes into direct contact with a mailbox or post, and specifically states that the Township is not responsible for damage caused by plowed snow.

The Public Works Department is asking homeowners to inspect and evaluate the condition of their mailbox and its support before the onset of winter weather. The mailboxes and the posts that support them may require maintenance or replacement.

Residents should make sure mailboxes are firmly attached to the post and the post is constructed sturdily enough to withstand the weight of the snow as it comes off the end of the snowplow. Homeowners should also check the placement of their mailbox to ensure that it is not leaning into the street.

Residents are also reminded that they are responsible for clearing their mailbox area of snow to ensure mail delivery.


What To Do If Your Mailbox Is Damaged

In the event that your mailbox is damaged during snow removal operations you should do the following:

  • Take photos of the damaged mailbox
  • Complete the Mailbox Damage Form. This can be submitted online, faxed to 215-357-1251, or dropped off at the Administration Building, 55 Township Road, Richboro.
  • Under the mailbox replacement policy, the maximum reimbursement for repairs is $60.00. The policy also states the Township will not be responsible for replacing ornamental mailboxes, or to repair any lawn areas outside the road right-of-way.



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