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How Do I...?


The weather forecast is predicting snow.  Should I move my car from the street?

Ordinance 15-902 states the following:

"It will be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, whether principal or agent, to park any motors vehicles on any public street within the Township during the period of time commencing after snow begins to fall and ending 72 hours after the cessation of a snowstorm."

When is my street going to be plowed?

The streets are plowed in order of priority. Main roads are plowed first, secondary roads next, and then all development roads.

Please be patient with the process; once the snow has ceased, it takes an average of 6-8 hours to plow and two hours to salt the Township's roads.

I shoveled my sidewalk and driveway and you plowed me in.  Why?

When cleaning your street, one half of the street is cleared to the curb in each direction. This creates the unavoidable problem of cleaned sidewalks and driveways being covered with snow. The best solution to avoid this situation is to wait until the streets have been cleared before cleaning driveways and sidewalks.

*Please do not shovel snow from driveways into the roadway. Not only is this hazardous but it's also illegal and can result in a fine.

My mailbox was damaged by the snow plow.  Who do I contact?

Contact the Public Works Department at (215) 355-3433.

  • If it is determined that the mailbox was knocked down by snow being expelled from the plow, it's the property owner's responsibility to fix it.

*Please note that mailbox damages must be reported within 48 hours.

I've trimmed my trees in my backyard.  Where can I dispose of them?

The Township has a contract with Whitetail Disposal to pick up yard waste.  From April 1 through December 15, yard waste is picked up the day after your regular trash collection day.

Check out our Yard Waste & Leaf Collection page for full details.

There is a dog running loose around the neighborhood. Who should I call?

Contact the Police Department at (215) 357-8700.

There is a dead deer alongside the road. Will you pick it up?

No. The Public Works Department does not pick up dead animals. For local roads, call the Pennsylvania Game Commission at (610) 926-3136.  For state roads, call PennDOT at (215) 345-6060.

When will the streets be swept?

Streets are swept annually beginning in April.

The detention basin is not draining?

Contact the Public Works Department at (215) 357-6800.

I noticed a stop sign had been knocked down.  Who do I contact?

Contact the Police Department at (215) 357-8700.

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