Toter Placement

To assist in the automated collection of the trash and recycling toters, please follow these recommendations: 

  • Place your toters curbside at the end of the driveway the night before your service day
  • Toters should be placed with at least 3 feet of clearance from mailboxes poles, lampposts, vehicles, and each other carts.
  • The wheels of the Trash Bin and the  Recycle Cans should be facing the house and be against the curb. Placing the bins in this way will limit the risk of the lids being ripped off and all waste or recyclable materials are emptied when they are lifted by the arm.
  • Do not put anything you do not wish to be picked up near your carts. For example, lawn chairs, portable basketball hoops, bicycles, etc. They could be mistaken as trash and taken as such.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please use the contact information below. Also, please be sure to register your email address to receive service notifications directly from Whitetail.

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