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Planning Commission
12/12/2017 7:00 PM

Township of Northampton

 55 Township Road

   Richboro, PA 18954





DECEMBER 12, 2017



Members Present

Dr. Arthur Friedman

Edward Ingle

Patrick McGuigan

Michelle Druding

Steve Saddlemire



Andrew Gannon


Others Present

Larry Weinstein, BOS Liaison

Craig Bryson, RLA, Township Planner

Mike Solomon, Director of Planning and Zoning


Dr. Friedman called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Discussion - Richboro Master Plan Traffic Improvements


Joe DeSantis, Township Traffic Engineer from McMahon Associates, was present to answer questions related to the proposed traffic improvements identified in the Richboro Master Plan.


Mr. DeSantis began by showing a PennDOT video related to roundabouts.  He explained the funding of the project and advised that the proposed scope includes property acquisition and the connection to Township Road.


In response to Mr. Saddlemire, Mr. DeSantis noted the differences between traffic circles and roundabouts.  Mr. DeSantis stated that those in a roundabout have the right-of-way, they slow traffic, and there is one conflict point.  There was further discussion on capacity and traffic distribution.  As identified by the Bucks County Planning Commission, it was also noted that roundabouts create identity.


In response to members, Mr. DeSantis discussed how intersections are graded by PennDOT.  Dr. Friedman noted the concerns with the Jacksonville and Almshouse Road intersection and it was discussed in greater detail.


Funding was discussed and Mr. DeSantis explained the different grant opportunities from both PennDOT and DCED.  There was also discussion about the Buck and Holland Road intersection project.


At this point, public comment was solicited from the audience.  Mr. Antonio Albano, 755 Newtown-Richboro Road, stated that the roundabout should not be looked at in isolation.  He stated that the objective is to increase the business viability of the Township.  Mr. DeSantis added that a grant was received by the Township for sidewalks in Richboro.  Mr. Albano further stated that the roundabout will require an educational process with the public.  There was also a desire from a resident in the audience to not increase taxes for these projects.


Joe Johnston, 41 Grant Drive, stated that the process should go in small steps and raised concern about pedestrian safety.


In response to Mr. Weinstein, Mr. DeSantis disused the current status of the roundabout, including progress, engineering fees, and future funding.  There was also discussion about the Bustleton and Bristol Road intersection.  Mr. DeSantis stated that projects need to be isolated to maximize funding and grant opportunities.


Ms. Druding stated that Richboro needs an uplift and has no objection to the roundabout.  Down the road she is alright with the connector road, but stated that Jacksonville and Almshouse Road is the priority project.  She added that she is not in favor of a tax increase to fund these projects.  In addition, she stated that trails on school property should not be directly behind the houses of residents.  As an alternative, she added that existing sidewalks and crosswalks should be utilized.  


Dr. Freidman stated that the consensus appears to be Almshouse and Jacksonville Roads as the major intersection improvement priority.


Mr. McGuigan stated that the small business owner she be considered in these scenarios. 


Mr. Weinstein inquired about partial funding for various projects, engineering, and timing.  Mr. DeSantis stated that all projects have various stages and a lot of steps.


Mr. Ingle discussed sidewalks in Richboro and pedestrian crossings.  Traffic interconnections throughout Richboro were further discussed as well as trails within Richboro.    


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted:

 Michael T. Solomon

Director of Planning and Zoning


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