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Emergency Management


The Emergency Management Department reports to the Township's Board of Supervisors and provides assistance to staff members. The Department develops and maintains comprehensive disaster preparedness and assistance plans and programs that address relevant hazards. These plans are culminated in the Township's Emergency Operations Plan, which outlines how the Township coordinates with other local, county, state and federal agencies in the event of an emergency, ranging from a hazardous material spill to a natural disaster or other manmade disaster.

The Board of Supervisors may declare a local emergency upon finding an emergency has occured or is imminent.  When a local emergency is declared, the Department, along with Township personnel and representatives from the Township's first responder organizations, operate an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to coordinate the management of community-wide resources (police, public works, fire, EMS, food, shelters, etc.) with various local, county, state and federal agencies to appropriately respond to an emergency event.

The following are examples of EOC staff activities:

  • requesting mutual aid resources
  • locating requested resources and directing them to the proper place
  • managing a wide-scale evacuation
  • establishing shelters and coordinating social services
  • coordinating communications with the community
  • transmitting information over the Emergency Alert System
  • resolving policy issues


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